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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our First SHOWER and 32 week appointment!

This weekend was my first baby shower!! we go!! This means baby girl is comin' soon!!! The house is showing its first signs of being overtaken by baby paraphenalia and i LOVE it!

The shower this Saturday was absolutely lovely! I am so thankful for the amazing ladies in my life! My mama's life-long friends and one of her sisters threw this shower for Savannah and I...Thank you so much, Cathy, Dianne, Linda, Cissy, and Barbie for making me feel so special on this day! And thank you also to EVERYONE that came and showed us your LOVE!

On another note, I am still feeling good! I went to the doc this morning and the belly measured 31 cm....which is just 1 cm shy of where most babies measure at this time....your belly measurement in centimeters is supposed to match your weeks once you reach 28 weeks (so at 28 weeks you should measure 28 cms). Doc said she thinks Savannah is going to be on the petite side (which is OOOOOKAY with me!). Everything else looked great! just 51 more days until due date! :) When will Miss Savannah make her debut?!?!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

30 Weeks already!

Hey y'all! WOW! I never thought I would be one of those bloggers that fell behind on posting! I used to harass people to update their blogs in a TIMELY fashion! Now look at me....disgrace...disgrace i tell you! :P

I am 30 weeks and a couple days now! For those of you non-pregnant readers, that's 7.5 months!! :0) I still feel alright for a girl with a baby the size of a head of cabbage in her belly crowding out her organs! But i must say, i AM starting to experience all the 'joys' of pregnancy that i have heard so much about. I won't go into a lot of detail but just to name a few: acid reflux (ME AND TUMS ARE BUDS NOW)....just a touch of back pain...peeing every time i pass by a toilet because i know if i don't - i'll regret it...waking up at 3 am for no reason, then 4, then 415, then i just get up becuase there is no reason for me to just lay there....struggling to put socks on and then skillfully positioning the tongues of my tennis shoes just right so i don't have to bend over to put them on - just gotta step into 'em...u know - just the normal pregnancy stuff....i really can't complain tho, up until 7 months, I really didn't even realize i was pregnant most of the time....needless to say i am very thankful God has blessed me with a healthy baby girl and a great pregnancy so far!

Here are some belly shots...

(Pardon the fake smile)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

6 Month Belly Shot!

Already almost 26 weeks!! It's going by a little bit faster now! Woopeeeey!!!!! I can't wait to meet li'l SAVANNAH!!! Yep, that's right! We finally agreed on a name!! I was beginning to think we would end up having a hospital room name crisis the day she was born....

We actually started out with Savannah being the favorite but then started rethinking because it's kinda long and because there aren't really any cute ways to shorten it. Then we thought we were set on Avery until every time I mentioned the name, every woman knew at least two babies born in the past 2 months named Avery!! Very cute name but WAY too popular at the moment....didn't want her to end up being 'Avery P' at school....

Sooooo Savannah it is! Not certain about the middle name yet but I will let y'all know when we decide! Here I am at 6 months!!

I am feeling great! No new cravings really...although I have kind of developed a new love for chips...I am noticing that my trips to the grocery store now include a mandatory walk down the chip aisle usually resulting in a purchase...that is for sure not normal for me....Savannah loves her some baked Cheetos!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

5 Month Belly Shot!

I finally feel like I look like a real pregnant girl!! Booooooy heidi did she hit a growth spurt this week...and I FELT the repercussions of it! It was the first time that I had been tempted to go for a second cup of coffee in order to be somewhat 'with it' at work...and yes...I caved. I have been SOOOO tired since Monday of this week! Now I know how all you other preggos felt the first trimester! That crap is legit! I am at 5 months! HALF WAY POINT!!!!!